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What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is an alternative treatment method characterized by the injection of various proliferating solutions (high-density sugar solutions) to strengthen damaged joints and ligaments.

How Does Prolotherapy Work?

As a result of needle trauma applied in prolotherapy, a healing mechanism begins at the injection site. The high-density sugar solutions applied show irritant properties and cause a more pronounced healing response in the tissue. In fact, the mechanism of action is based on the principle of re-repairing the damaged tissue by activating the body's own healing mechanism.

Proloterapi Ankara

In Which Diseases is Prolotherapy Applied?

It is frequently applied in waist and neck hernias, muscle-tendon tears of the shoulder, recurrent shoulder dislocations, tennis elbow, soft tissue lesions of the wrist, hip and knee joint calcifications, anterior cruciate ligament injuries, meniscus lesions, ankle ligament injuries and recurrent ankle sprains.

How long does prolotherapy treatment last and how often is it applied?

In prolotherapy, each session takes 5-10 minutes on average, depending on the area applied. Prolotherapy applications are applied in an average of 4-6 sessions at intervals of 3 weeks.

To Whom Prolotherapy Is Not Applied?

It is not applied to pregnant women, cancer patients, if there is an infection in the application area and those who use blood thinners (coumadin).

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